in 100 days
Even if we're on the same ground
I'll be the one to step on stage
12345 OF 30


+ 9% EXO
+ 1% random.

Taehyun is my #1 diva.
Seungyoon is a flower boy rocker.
Seunghoon is a genius on stage.
Min(h)o is an unexpected cutie.
Jinwoo is the resident puppy.


If you don't see yourself as a winner then you cannot perform as a winner.

Love is my pain… - A Yang Tan and Nam Eunsang story

seunghoon being fabulous

Dancing Mino 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

 Anonymous asked:
What happens to you? Are you ok? You suddenly disappear :(

Aw, I’m totally fine, don’t worryI’m just super busy with uni and other stuff and became a silent WIN viewer for now ^^ I hope I can come back and spazz with you guys this week <3

 Anonymous asked:
I know this isn't a question but loving all the gifs and posts for WINNER :) Also, TaeHyun's tattoo says Jean Michel Basquiat ^^

THANK YOU <3 I haven’t posted anything this last week but I will try to make it up next week~ Yes you’re right, that mystery has been solved already n__n

team a ► dance battle

추억이 된  내게 말해… Oh I I’m officially missing you

who is next ep07 ► taehyun

mino can’t stop touching bang yedam

The concept… It’s a personal song about longing for the past… It’s something along the lines of saying “I’m officially missing you” to the me, who has become a memory.

You put on a motherly smile and held my hand as you said «Kang Seung Yoon, you fool, I love you too», then you kissed me

"Though there will be hard times in the future, let’s always trust and depend on each other." - O T 6 ಥ_ಥ